·C3G Selected as the Top 10 Chinese Science & Technological Advances of the Year 2002 by Chinese Academicians.

·Mr. Lou Qian-jian, the Vice Minister of MII, Visited SeuComm.

·SeuComm Received the Minor Enterprise Innovation Foundation from the Most

·C3G Project Passed the Assessment Organized by MOST & MII and SeuComm Scored the Top Level.

·Agreements Signed between SeuComm and ARCA Technologies for 3G Chip Design.

·SeuComm's Project Passed the Test Organized by MT-Net.

·SeuComm Successfully attended the 15-th Anniversary Exhibition of the National 863 High-Tech Program.

·SeuComm Engaged in two C3G Key Projects.


SeuComm Incorporated is a spin-off company rooted from the National Mobile Communications Research Laboratory at Southeast University which is the only one national level laboratory dedicated to modern mobile communications in Chinese Universities. As a key player of China¡¯s 3G (C3G) project, SeuComm has received financial support from China Central Government and Local Government, and has built up very close cooperative relationships with many famous mobile telecommunication manufacturers and operators both in China and abroad. The core technologies created by SeuComm have been successfully transferred to domestic telecommunication industry.

The SeuComm has been set up mainly to develop the high-tech products associated with the 3G mobile communications solutions, including ASIC Core based on SeuComm¡¯s innovative technologies for both handset and base station implementations, related protocol software, value-added services, and special purpose measurement instruments, etc.

The company has inherited the rich experience and strong expertise developed by the National Mobile Communications Laboratory at Southeast University (SEU). SeuComm has possessed the state-of-the-art technology and has developed many of its own innovative pioneering core technologies with 18 invention patents pending. The prototypes of the company¡¯s 3G base-station and handset phone have successfully past the MT-Net test authorized by the Ministry of Information Industry of China, and been selected for the 15-th Anniversary Achievements Exhibition of China National High-Tech Research and Development Program (863). China President Jiang Zemin and Vice President Hu Jintao have given high regards to the company¡¯s products.

SeuComm has retained nearly 100 top-level talents as a team in the R&D sector and has created the company culture and good environment for the team¡¯s R&D efforts and its technical innovations. The company is perfecting the modern management system and in the meantime bringing in international business practices.

¡°Creating the Wireless Future¡± is what the company is going to achieve by relying on the top class talent as the essence, technology innovation as the core, and advanced management and business practice as the policy to develop the knowledge intensive products. In the meantime, the company has the firm belief of its responsibility in bring benefits to the entire 3G industry by making the price of 3G core technologies most competitive, reducing costs associated with the production of future 3G system, and enhancing the performance of new 3G system.

Based on the available core technologies that were verified over 1 year in C3G field test network, the Company¡¯s main business activities are in the area of designing, developing and marketing of the 3G core technologies, including ASIC core products, the specific wireless protocol & application software, the wireless internet application solutions for the 3G handset and base station system, the 3G mobile communication specific testing equipment, and the value-added business services for mobile and wireless telecommunication industry.

The company will concentrate on the development of ASIC Core and relevant software for the 3G systems. According to the market demand, the company will supply the customers with a complete application and testing solution plan on handset, base station, wireless internet application and other products to meet the customer¡¯s requirements.

The company will seek a wider cooperation opportunities with other parties based on its existing technical advantage to complement each other by targeting the strategic partners in manufacturing and distribution of the mobile telecommunication system, the semiconductor products and the computer products.

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